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Websites are all the rage right now. It’s 2019, and if your business does not have a website, then, you are losing some serious potential leads. There was a time when creating websites were like a nightmare - a big budget, long time to complete and you had to depend upon an expert. Also, you had to find the right designer, buy domains, and so many other technical issues that needed to be taken care of. Whew! All of that used to be so bothersome. However, now, with advanced technology ....Read More
Entrepreneurs as an individual who attempts to predict and act upon change within markets. An entrepreneur unites capital, labor, and land to produce products or services through the formation of a firm. An entrepreneur is a person who starts the business from scratch. An entrepreneur is “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.” – Oxford Dictionaries Definition Creator and Visionary Risk- bearer, Innovator, Motivator, ....Read More
OYA Inc OYA Inc is just an opportunity sharing platform which primary focus on youth opportunities and entrepreneurship. Khegendra Acharya is the Founder and Chairman of Oya Inc, Parshu Aryal is the Chief Executive Officer(CEO) and Managing Director, whereas Firoj Ghimire is the Chief Technical Off ....Read More
Today business organizations are moving toward to the technology to increase their market globally. Technology removes the communication gap between business and customer. Nowadays business has their own website through which organization keep touch with their customer and make more efficient ways for the customer to buy products and services. A customer-focused business will sustain in the market for the long run. They use technology not only to promote their business but for also making cust ....Read More
NepXpress established on January 24, 2016, was originally co-founded as a delivery medium for e-commerce by Sangam Singh (CEO of NepXpress), Ankit Aryal (Finance Lead of NepXpress) and Hari Kattel (COO of NepXpress). NepXpress claims to be "Fast, Reliable & Reasonable Logistics Service in Nepal". Ecommerce Industries, Corporate Houses & Individuals with Domestic & International courier service A brief story of NepXpress: Originally, Mr. Sangam Singh planned to establish e-com ....Read More

Tootle: Ride-hailing transportation app.

Tootle: People who do not have their own vehicles have always been trouble in Kathmandu while traveling, especially in office hour. People face many difficulties while going to their work. People either need to go through crowed vehicles or need to go from unaffordable taxi. But now to solve such problems Tootle has been arrived. Tootle is a ride-hailing app which was launched by Sixit Bhatta in January 2017. Tootle offers fastest and easiest way to book a ride. Tootle goal is to provide saf ....Read More
Pathao As we know, travelling on the local buses and micro is cheapest but inconvenient and uncomfortable whereas taxis are too expensive. Many people can't afford on a daily basis and there are chances of higher charge. In the Digital era, One of the convenient ways of travelling in the busy world is Pathao. It is the fastest and popular way to reach the destination rather than the journey in the local vehicle. Pathao was established in 2015 by Hussain M Elius and Shifat Adnan at Durbar ....Read More
Talking about today's era, It's totally about the Internet. The Internet gives instant access to information, knowledge, connectivity, learning, sharing, communication and many more. We are using the Internet for most of our day-to-day activities. Addressing such movement, there has been the development of many mobility applications. Here, mobility simply means to be able to move easily through any means of transportation. In Nepal, Sarathi is one of the popular mobility application la ....Read More
Introduction The reason behind the success of the online business is the E-commerce website save the time of buyers and provides a variety of a product under the same store. Amazon is the largest online retailer which is a multinational technology company which headquarters located in Seattle, Washington and Arlington, Virginia, United States. It provides its services through e-commerce, digital streaming, cloud computing, Artificial Intelligence(AI)and Digital distribution. It was founded 24 ....Read More
Daraz, founded in 2012 by a German venture capital company, Rocket Internet offering online shopping experience. Currently, Daraz operates in South Asian markets like Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar offering more than 2.5 millions of versatile group of product ranging from eletronics product to household, beauty, fashion, sports, groceries and many more. Daraz targets for "better customer-experience, ease-of-purchase, comprehensive customer care, and a hassle-free shopping an ....Read More