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Popular Payment wallets in Nepal

In this modern era, technology has developed lots of possibilities and has changed all our thinking style and livelihood. Now we need not travel a mile only to carry out any financial activities. We can do it simply, just staying in the corner of our house. And it is happening just because of the payment wallets or it also is known as a digital wallet, e-wallet and mobile wallet. Payment wallets, where people store their money and use them to make different payments at different sectors are ver ......Read More

How E-Commerce Impacting Business in Nepal?

E-commerce means buying and selling products or services locally and globally through the Internet. With the influence and arrival of the latest technology from neighboring countries, such as India and China, Nepal is on its way to success through e-commerce. If we give a look back at history, e-commerce was set up as sending gifts and money online and other websites promoting “Send Gifts to Nepal” which did not have an actual meaning of e-commerce. They only targeted to Nepalese r ......Read More