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Everything has been changing in this world and likewise the frameworks of .Net Platform. The .Net is the technology provided by the Microsoft to simplify the software development. And Its frameworks have been updating time to time. The most recent one is core 3.0 preview 1. Both are the Frameworks provided by .Net platform to build the server-side applications. Both Frameworks are based on C# Programming language so we can exchange the code across. However, there is difference in fundame ......Read More
Middleware is software that’s assembled on the application pipeline to handle request and responses over the pipeline.Middleware has access to both request and response. Middleware can process and pass the request to next middleware .Middleware can handle the request and short-circuit the pipeline. It can process outgoing response .Middleware is used to execute according to their own arrangement. Middleware can be of static page or dynamic so middleware mainly is used to call next middlewa ......Read More
Client-Side Validation: Customer Side approval is done on the program on which client is entering information in the frame which are started from server side. These are basically done through JavaScript for the information which is entered. Server-side validation Server-Side Validation is done on server where application is put away and got to. This approval is done to shield application from the client who sidesteps the approval from the customer side and attempt to hurt inner application. ......Read More
View Engine in .NET is responsible for rendering your code into good looking Interface. MVC uses the views to locate and render the views we are requesting from the controller through asp action. Views can contain server controls, html tags and can have programming code. There are many view engine available like ASPX Razor Spark NHaml NDJango Hasic and many more But most of the programmers prefer to user Razor view due to its convenience There are Two View Engines used in Dot NET Fr ......Read More
Conveyor is the cloud service which allows us to collaborate over internet and share web app. Conveyor allows us to access visual studio remotely. Conveyor enables us to access our web application over internet by tunneling through firewall and router. We can use it to run same web app from multiple platforms through the network. So how do we install conveyor on visual studio and use it.Conveyor is the cloud service which allows us to collaborate over internet and share web app. Conveyor allows ......Read More

How to return View as PDF in .Net core ?

Portable Document Format(PDF) as the name refers is a file format which presents documents in a manner independent of software , hardware and OS. PDF format is very important for printing the document and information. We can display the content in our webpage in a pdf format which makes it easier to print rather than displaying it in an usual normal web page. Suppose We have a condition where we need to print the invoice or bill to the user from our system then there is a simple way for doing ......Read More
In this modern era, every organization and Executive wants to build an organization to be the best working place. So today I thought to share some of my experience as well as learning that I do regularly. Though with this post I can not complete all points but will try to provide some of the good points. Some points that will lead the organization to be the best working place, Basically, these Six points will cover all i.e., Setting the direction for your organization Communicating the cult ......Read More

How to choose which services to use in Azure? 

Hey everybody, today let's look upon how one picks one's azure services. There are a lot of services out there and it’s a little complicated don’t you think. Azure is huge, now like over 125 services or something, and it's very difficult to choose the right ones. Here I have some points that will help you to choose the right services. Here I am going to discuss about how you choose services in order to run your application in azure, and also for storing your valuable da ......Read More
Logical operation on data especially in the web where we have HTML, CSS, Script in mixed form (mixed data), at the same time we need to find meaning full data with mixed nature of data is a complex operation. In order to have better performance doing so, we will have a regular expression which can help us. What is Regular Expression? A nice definition from Wikipedia is, "A regular expression, regex or regexp (sometimes called a rational expression) is a sequence of characters that define a sea ......Read More

How to upload 3D Image in facebook??

If you don’t know about the new feature that lets you upload 3D photos to your facebook, then this article is for you. It’s a great way to make your facebook image more lively and add a new dimension to your image. But first of all the images need to be in portrait mode. But the bad news is that only few smart phone support this feature. Right now only the iphone models starting from iphone7 plus are compatible with 3D photos on facebook. The good news is that the android compatibil ......Read More