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Many of our learners have had decent confusions regarding data visualization and data analytics to be as a similar factor in the data world, which happens to be entirely false. Data visualization and Data analytics are completely different scenarios although many think them to be as same. Let me try simplifying it for you all. If you study about the data of students present in the class since past two years and form a pattern in a pictorial form then that is data visualization but when you use ....Read More
We’re all getting a buzz about Data Science and Analytics these days. It has ended up being like a hip, you know. Starting with frequently used terms that are being a part of the corporate world; Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Data science. And if you are looking for a shift in your career, you have to come across these terms. Very Often. It's not important for us to get into a debate as to how these vary but for a starter there is a good overlap So, th ....Read More
You must have heard a lot about data science from many people stating that it's the hottest job of the 21st century or there's a huge demand for data scientists in various industries, right? But we can bet that no one would have told you the things about data science which we are going to discuss in this Article! So here We will provide you guys some of the things that you really don't know about data science. So, let's explore it. First to become a data scientist you don't ....Read More
Design Patterns in OOP: In Object Oriented Programming (OOP) pattern consists of description of certain objects and classes along with the attributes and dependencies of the class. It also provides the general purpose on solving the problem. So, patterns are reusable solutions to commonly occurring problems that are encountered repeatedly. Furthermore design patterns speed up the development process by providing tested and proven development paradigm.It became popular when it came in a forma ....Read More

Importance of database Constraints

A constraint can be defined as the property assigned to a column or the set of columns in the database table which prevents inconsistent data values to be stored into the certain columns. Constraints are used to ensure the data integrity. This enforce the reliability and accuracy of the data stored in the database. In Relational Database Model, There are some Integrity Constraints which are used for accuracy and consistency of data in relational database. Data integrity ....Read More
Today, jobs related to databases/SQL have proven to be the most promising jobs. Below is a list of database related jobs along with earning per year. Data scientist Earning: median $90,457 per year A data scientist turns raw data into valuable information which can be used to improve the organization’s business decisions. Data Modeler Earning: Median $79,331 per year A data modeler determines database structure and organization and designs the data model in such a way as to optimize ....Read More
Cloud Computing is simply used to describe the use of hardware and software delivered through internet. The huge benefits provided by cloud computing on production, collaboration, security and revenue doesn’t take long to see why it’s growing rapidly. With the rapid growth of cloud computing and many enterprises moving to cloud we can predict that most of the CIOs would move most of their IT resources to cloud. So, how fast is the cloud growing. The answer is really, really fast ....Read More

Simple way to handle HTTP status error in ASP.NET core

You can simply handle http status error like HTTP 404 error and any other http status error in ASP .NET by using this simple solution. HTTP 404 is one of the must common error in ASP .NET when the requested error is not found . We can solve the problem by adding some code in the configure() method in Startup.cs class which is also the entry point for the application itself. In the configure function we define and add a custom middleware with ‘app.Use’ which will check for status c ....Read More
The social media giant Facebook has become a platform to post and share different contents. With the freedom comes the exploitation of that freedom creating various inappropriate activities. So, Facebook and other social media sites have always struggled to monitor, identify and eliminate such inappropriate posts that user uploads through their account. The inappropriate contents can range from violent threats, vulgar images to inappropriate remarks. Due to such conditions Facebook has faced ....Read More
In this article, I will so you how to create the angular 7 project and implement ngx-bootstrap using visual studio 2017. Before we start the angular project, we need a working environment The latest version of Node.js and NPM installed If you have installed node.js already updated your node.js and NPM to latest version. Visual studio 2017 Install Lastest Angular Cli Open Command Promote by (Windows key + R) and Type “cmd” hit Enter Now simply run the following Command t ....Read More