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Steps to Improve Programming /Logical Skills. Lots of beginner programmer/students Frequently asked their seniors/teachers about “How can I improve my programming skills or logical skills??”. In my college days, I used to think the same. sometimes it's difficult to get an exact answer on those questions. Here I am going to share some ideas that one of my teachers suggested me to follow to learn and improve programming skills. To improve your programming skills the first ....Read More
SeeLOGiC presents <ng-Nepal /> Angular Conference 2019 Organised on August 31, 2019 in Bougainvilla Events, Tripureswor Kathmandu, ngNepal rightly proved its stature as the largest Angular conference of Nepal. Starting from the love of the audience to the super informative sessions from all the internationally recognized speakers and google developer expert shared the changes that Angular 8 has carried and how it reshapes the project with new features. The one day conference did justic ....Read More
Folder and File structure of Angular Project If you are new to Angular then visit my previous article, Click here. First look at project you have created looks similar to this. Lets go through project structure from top and first folder. /e2e/ │───protractor.conf.js │───tsconfig.json │ └───src └───app.e2e-spec.ts └───app.po.ts e2e stands for End-To-End. This folder contains set of specific configuration tests corresponding to root level application. It is a root level f ....Read More
If you are working in project for extracting text from images then you are in right place. EXTRACT TEXT FROM IMAGE USING Angular OCR with Tesseract.js OCR using Angular We will be using Angular CLI for this article. We need to install NodeJS JavaScript runtime and NodeJS package manager (npm) for using command line interface as well as run Angualr application server. For downloading NodeJS click here. Test whether installation is complete or not use following command: node –-versi ....Read More

History of Angular

History of Angular | AngularJS | Angular 2 | Angular 3 | Angular 4 | Angular 5 | Angular 6 | Angular 7 | Angular 8 Angular open source web application framework based on TypeScript. It is developed to simply development environment and testing of application by providing framework for client side MVC(Model-View-Controller) and MVVM(Model-View-ViewModel) architecture. Birth: AngularJS 1.x Misko Hevery, a Google Developer was doing side project. Easier building of web application for coupl ....Read More
Entrepreneurs as an individual who attempts to predict and act upon change within markets. An entrepreneur unites capital, labor, and land to produce products or services through the formation of a firm. An entrepreneur is a person who starts the business from scratch. An entrepreneur is “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.” – Oxford Dictionaries Definition Creator and Visionary Risk- bearer, Innovator, Motivator, ....Read More
What is human brain mapping? Brain Mapping is set of neuroscience technique that aims to relate the brain’s structure to its function by a process of stimulating different areas of the brain and monitoring any change in behavior. It is a technique that used to show parts of the brain and how they would work together. The human brain is a knot of 100 billion of neurons and support cell where we can store a lifetime of memory there. Brain mapping attempts to relate the brain’s struct ....Read More

Why Technology is important in Business?

From a very early stage, People started trading. Business is the activity of trading product and services within a country or outside a country. Due to business, We are using the product and services of a different country. In the context of globalization, People are connected through technology. Technology and business became two sides of a coin. Technology made the business easier to promote their product and services in the global market. Before using technology in business, the business h ....Read More

Enigma – Data Privacy with Decentralized Computing

Enigma – Data Privacy with Decentralized Computing | Blockchain History of Enigma Machine German Engineer Arthur Scherbius invented Enigma at the end of World War I. Enigma machine was used in early-mid 20th century for secure commercial, military and diplomatic communication. It was mostly used by Nazi Germany in World War II, each of the military branches had a machine for encrypting and decrypting the encrypted messages. Electromechanical rotor mechanism was used for scramming ....Read More

Social Media 2019 and its pros and cons

Prior social media was used as a platform to connect people i.e. as a means of communication. SixDegree was the first social media site lasted from 1997 to 2001 which allowed users to create profile and list friends, family members and acquaintances both on the site and externally. Modern days Social media are designed based upon this site. In this modern era of Social Media, the definition of Social Media has been changed from just as a platform of communication to a platform of sharing conte ....Read More