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Transact-SQL(T-SQL) is an extension of SQL developed for interacting with relational databases. T-SQL is the product of Microsoft which expands on the SQL standard to include procedural programming. It is the Microsoft’s implementation of SQL which can be used with Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. It furthermore includes various extra features in comparison to regular SQL which includes procedural programming, local variables, data processing, mathematics, string processing ......Read More

MongoDb With Asp.Net Core Web API

In this article we will be demonstrating an application using MongoDb with Asp.Net Core. In this open source modern web applications, the use of a NoSQL database is gaining popularity due to its non-relational behaviour. In this demo we will create a Web API using Asp.Net Core which will perform CRUD operations on a collection. Implementation of Web API & MongoDB: We will use MongoDb as a database for creating collections and storing documents in it. MongoDB can be downloaded from this l ......Read More
Here we will be demonstrating how to create a very simple Microsoft .Net Core Console Application using NoSQL – MongoDB at back-end. Prerequisite Here we will be using Visual Studio Update 3. We have to install MongoDB instead of SQL Database. Steps for the application Step 1: Create a folder named ‘data’ in C: drive and ‘db’ within ‘data’ folder to keep our database. Step 2: Now we will start the MongoDb instance. For this let’s ......Read More