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Every time when I complete my new Database design, I always ask a questioned my self “is this right Database Design?”. My simple logic is to follow the basic; “There is nothing that is truly right or wrong and that what we think of as right or wrong is really just determined by our requirement and the logic We use to handle our database”. Here are some basics that is necessary to remember while designing New Database. What is a functional dependency? Functional de ....Read More
As a developer when we have to perform complex work in stored procedure many of us use user defined functions to centralize complex logic and get a proper result, but we all know when we use user-defined functions we get stuck with a performance problem. With MS SQL 2019 preview now we got better performance with UDF inlining. A developer I am happy that MS SQL now has this great improvement in MS SQL 2019. So in this post, I am trying to guide who is using UDF as well as who is starting work o ....Read More

Importance of database Constraints

A constraint can be defined as the property assigned to a column or the set of columns in the database table which prevents inconsistent data values to be stored into the certain columns. Constraints are used to ensure the data integrity. This enforce the reliability and accuracy of the data stored in the database. In Relational Database Model, There are some Integrity Constraints which are used for accuracy and consistency of data in relational database. Data integrity ....Read More

Top 5 highest Paying DBMS related jobs

Today, jobs related to databases/SQL have proven to be the most promising jobs. Below is a list of database related jobs along with earning per year. Data scientist Earning: median $90,457 per year A data scientist turns raw data into valuable information which can be used to improve the organization’s business decisions. Data Modeler Earning: Median $79,331 per year A data modeler determines database structure and organization and designs the data model in such a way as to optimize ....Read More

DBMS and most popular DBMS Software in 2019

A database management system (DBMS) is a computer software for creating and managing databases. The DBMS delivers users and programmers with an organized way to create, retrieve, update and manage data. A DBMS allows users to run CRUD operation; Create, Read, Update and Delete, in a database. The DBMS basically serves as a boundary between the database & application programs or end users, it guarantees that data is consistently organized and easily accessible. DBMS helps to achieve three ....Read More
Transact-SQL(T-SQL) is an extension of SQL developed for interacting with relational databases. T-SQL is the product of Microsoft which expands on the SQL standard to include procedural programming. It is the Microsoft’s implementation of SQL which can be used with Microsoft SQL Server and Azure SQL Database. It furthermore includes various extra features in comparison to regular SQL which includes procedural programming, local variables, data processing, mathematics, string processing ....Read More

MongoDb With Asp.Net Core Web API

In this article we will be demonstrating an application using MongoDb with Asp.Net Core. In this open source modern web applications, the use of a NoSQL database is gaining popularity due to its non-relational behaviour. In this demo we will create a Web API using Asp.Net Core which will perform CRUD operations on a collection. Implementation of Web API & MongoDB: We will use MongoDb as a database for creating collections and storing documents in it. MongoDB can be downloaded from this l ....Read More
Here we will be demonstrating how to create a very simple Microsoft .Net Core Console Application using NoSQL – MongoDB at back-end. Prerequisite Here we will be using Visual Studio Update 3. We have to install MongoDB instead of SQL Database. Steps for the application Step 1: Create a folder named ‘data’ in C: drive and ‘db’ within ‘data’ folder to keep our database. Step 2: Now we will start the MongoDb instance. For this let’s ....Read More