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Git Commands you must know

Git Commands you must know: Developed by Linus Torvalds in 2005, Git is a Version Control Appication which is very much popular among the developers. Though there are many version control applications. Git is one of the most popular and most used one. The real importance of git is that it is extremely light weighted while still being highly robust and flexible. Furthermore, it is completely distributed and doesn’t need any central server system. Also, it doesn’t even need network ....Read More
Conveyor is the cloud service which allows us to collaborate over internet and share web app. Conveyor allows us to access visual studio remotely. Conveyor enables us to access our web application over internet by tunneling through firewall and router. We can use it to run same web app from multiple platforms through the network. So how do we install conveyor on visual studio and use it.Conveyor is the cloud service which allows us to collaborate over internet and share web app. Conveyor allows ....Read More
Code Snippets are small blocks of code that are reusable which can be inserted into a code file using a simple short cut key. Various code snippets are provided by Visual Studio for many languages including C#, C, Visual Basic to name a few. Use of Snippets make coding more faster and easier. Like in C# just typing if-else, for each and many other snippets and a double tab key provides whole block of code. To view the available code snippets you can go to Code Snippets Manager from the tool ....Read More

What’s new in visual studio 2019?

This year at the beginning of June, John Montgomery (Visual Studio’s Director of Program Management) gave a hint about the launch of Visual Studio 2019 to the worldwide .Net community. He quoted that: “As for the timing of the next release, we’ll say more in the coming months, but be assured we want to deliver Visual Studio 2019 quickly and iteratively.” In this article, we are going to explain some of the new changes that we can see in visual studio 2019. With the ....Read More

Introduction to SQL Server Management Studio(SSMS)

Introduction: SQL Server Management Studio(SSSMS) is a software introduced by Microsoft used for managing and administrating Microsoft SQL Server. It consists of many features and attributes that helps working with the Microsoft Server. One of the most highlighted feature of SSMS is the Object Explorer allowing the user to work upon any of the objects residing inside the server. SSMS provides user with both the script editing and GUI platform for working with the objects in the server simplif ....Read More
Apache Cordova is a mobile application development framework and an open source quickly building cross-platform mobile apps using HTML5, JavaScript, CSS etc. If you didn’t install the Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 you can see over here. After Installation Microsoft visual studio 2017. You should install the Cordova. Press Windows key on your keyboard and search Visual Studio Installer and click on it. Change Option to Modify. Click on Workload. Select Nodejs Development, Mobile Develo ....Read More
In this article, we are going to see how to download and install visual studio community 2017. Visual studio community is free but will require a login from a Microsoft account after 30 days. System Requirements: To install visual studio, we must know system requirement to install it. Download Visual Studio: Go to Here we are going to download Visual Studio community 2017. So, click on Free Download of Visual Studio Community 2017. ....Read More