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Google plus to be shut down

Google has taken a huge decision to shut down google plus due to it's security flaw that leave users data exposed to the outer world. A bug had been discovered in the system which led even the third-party developers to access the data without the knowledge or permission of the user.It is said that the data leak affected around 500,000 user accounts. The bug could have led to around 440 different third party applications to have access to the private user information. It could be due to ......Read More

What is Cyberstalking?

Cyberstalking is a form of harassment that involves the internet and other uses of electronic communication. When modern technology is used to threaten, harass, embarrass, or slander the victim's character, this is cyberstalking. Keep in mind that cyberstalking involves unwanted contact of some sort. The contact is not limited to online communication, it can also be multiple harassing text messages sent to the victim. Yes, cyberstalking is a crime and every state is different and varies in t ......Read More

Digital Signature and its working procedures

Introduction Digital Signature is a digitally generated code to identify the ownership of the document while working with digital devices. In another word, it can be defined as the process which guaranteed the content of the message cannot be altered on transit. The signature provided to a content is uniquely identified by a hash key. The hash key is generated by applying algorithm like RSA. RSA is an algorithm used to encrypt and decrypt the content/message by the modern computer. The digital ......Read More