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In this article, I will so you how to create the angular 7 project and implement ngx-bootstrap using visual studio 2017. Before we start the angular project, we need a working environment The latest version of Node.js and NPM installed If you have installed node.js already updated your node.js and NPM to latest version. Visual studio 2017 Install Lastest Angular Cli Open Command Promote by (Windows key + R) and Type “cmd” hit Enter Now simply run the following Command t ....Read More

Jquery Selectors with Some Examples

JQuery Selectors: are used to select single or a group of HTML elements from your webpage. support all the custom selectors as well as CSS selectors. starts with a dollar symbol and parentheses: $(). Three blocks to select the HTML elements are as follow: Select HTML elements by ID. For an Example: $(#testID”) It select an element which has an ID called 'testID' Select elements by class. For an Example: $(“.testClass”) It will select all the elements have a ....Read More
In this Article, I am going to show how to generate pdf from html with CSS by using JavaScript and JQuery. Let’s create a HTML form with data and a button; <input type="button" id="create_pdf" value="Generate PDF"> <form class="form" style="max-width: none; width: 1005px;"> <h3>DEMO</h3> <p style="font-size: large"> Convert HTML TO PDF: </p> <table class="table table-border"> <tbody> <tr> ....Read More

Angular 7: Create new project using Angular 7

Angular 7, the latest version of angular has been successful to grab the attention of many users. Most of the designer has been using angular for their designing purpose so, what’s new in Angular 7 that attracts so many of designer and developer? The answer is simple: It provides a significant update in its Component Development Kit and Material design along with new virtual scrolling and drag and drops components. It has improved the overall application performance. Default bundle bu ....Read More

Fetch in JavaScript

ES6 includes the concept of Fetch, rather than using the XMLHttp Request Object in JavaScript. Fetch provides a cleaner interface for retrieving resources from internal and external sources. The interface seems familiar to XMLHttpRequest, but Fetch is more flexible and powerful. In Simple form, Fetch is a method on the global object that takes a string. where the string contains the path of resources, that is going to retrieved. fetch('path string'); ‘then’ method is used to pe ....Read More
What is OCR? OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is the computer process, which helps to recognize printed text or written text characters into searchable and editable data. It involves photo scanning of the text character-by-character, analysis of the scanned-in image, translation of the character image into character codes, such as ASCII, commonly used in data processing. What is Tesseract.js? Tesseract.js is a JavaScript based library for OCR, that extracts word from image. Now ....Read More