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AWS vs Azure vs GCP: Which one is best (2019) ?

Cloud Computing is simply used to describe the use of hardware and software delivered through internet. The huge benefits provided by cloud computing on production, collaboration, security and revenue doesn’t take long to see why it’s growing rapidly. With the rapid growth of cloud computing and many enterprises moving to cloud we can predict that most of the CIOs would move most of their IT resources to cloud. So, how fast is the cloud growing. The answer is really, really fast ....Read More

Biggest Issues in IT today

With the concerns about Security, retraining IT talent to find new revenue streams, CIOs have many problems that keep them awake at night. With the starting of the new year, some new problems and concerns arrive in the IT industry. So, we can see some subtle and non-subtle shifts from the concerns of 2018 and this will continue year after year. The major problem of Data Overload that was a concern some year ago has now evolved as new data hungry tools and can be implemented with AI for makin ....Read More

How to upload 3D Image in facebook??

If you don’t know about the new feature that lets you upload 3D photos to your facebook, then this article is for you. It’s a great way to make your facebook image more lively and add a new dimension to your image. But first of all the images need to be in portrait mode. But the bad news is that only few smart phone support this feature. Right now only the iphone models starting from iphone7 plus are compatible with 3D photos on facebook. The good news is that the android compatibil ....Read More

Programming Language to learn in 2019

TOP PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE TO LEARN IN 2019: While there is no place which has not yet been touched with computer and IT. So one of the most important skill to learn today is to write a computer program. Today, computers can be found in each and every sector. Furthermore, with everything going into automation and rise of Internet of Things (IoT) we can expect computers to rule the world in future. As computers have been used to scale up the work in any organization or be it in portable devices ....Read More

Top 10 Technologies to Learn in 2019

Hello everyone, today I am going to discuss top 10 Technologies to learn in 2019. Not Everything in the universe is the same except change. We accept the changes, and that is how the world keeps developing. The same thing applies to technology as well. Latest trends in each technology help in making the world a better place to live. Here we have discussed some of those top trending technologies to learn in 2019. 1. Data Science and Artificial Intelligence: What makes Artificial Intelligence ....Read More