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What is term “Hacker” means? Who are Hackers? What are types of Hackers? To be told truth there is no specific or official definition of term “Hacker” but we do have vague definition like in 1960 people who are extremely skilled programmers, can fix bugs and stay all day in front of computer and program using programming language like FORTRAN and others. In 1960s no one seems to mind hackers and where reputed computer gurus who could push computers beyond their limit ....Read More

Steps to Improve Programming / Logical Skills

Steps to Improve Programming /Logical Skills. Lots of beginner programmer/students Frequently asked their seniors/teachers about “How can I improve my programming skills or logical skills??”. In my college days, I used to think the same. sometimes it's difficult to get an exact answer on those questions. Here I am going to share some ideas that one of my teachers suggested me to follow to learn and improve programming skills. To improve your programming skills the first ....Read More
What is human brain mapping? Brain Mapping is set of neuroscience technique that aims to relate the brain’s structure to its function by a process of stimulating different areas of the brain and monitoring any change in behavior. It is a technique that used to show parts of the brain and how they would work together. The human brain is a knot of 100 billion of neurons and support cell where we can store a lifetime of memory there. Brain mapping attempts to relate the brain’s struct ....Read More

Why Technology is important in Business?

From a very early stage, People started trading. Business is the activity of trading product and services within a country or outside a country. Due to business, We are using the product and services of a different country. In the context of globalization, People are connected through technology. Technology and business became two sides of a coin. Technology made the business easier to promote their product and services in the global market. Before using technology in business, the business h ....Read More

Enigma – Data Privacy with Decentralized Computing

Enigma – Data Privacy with Decentralized Computing | Blockchain History of Enigma Machine German Engineer Arthur Scherbius invented Enigma at the end of World War I. Enigma machine was used in early-mid 20th century for secure commercial, military and diplomatic communication. It was mostly used by Nazi Germany in World War II, each of the military branches had a machine for encrypting and decrypting the encrypted messages. Electromechanical rotor mechanism was used for scramming ....Read More

Hamro Patro: One of the most downloaded Nepali app

What is Hamro Patro? Hamro Patro is the first Nepali calendar app, on Apple’s iOS which was launched in 2010. Hamro patro helps to keep the track of important events, festivals, and rituals. It was initially developed as a calendar app which has been grown now into a platform that unites Nepali community. This app has made the customers forgettable to look calendar. Hamro patro is the most downloaded Nepali app in Nepal which crosses more than 5 million and with rating 4.6. This app n ....Read More

Nepali Patro : A Digital Calender Of Nepal

Today, everything comes in the area of technology. Technology binds people together no matters how far they are. We are busy in our own schedule of life. So, we want that which is fast and accessible wherever we want. Nepal is rich in a different culture, value and rituals. In the context of Nepal Especially, in festival and ceremony are the reason to meet families, relatives and friends. At Greeting and warm wishes are given to each other. For that we all need is calendar i.e. Nepali Patro. ....Read More

Is there really high earning Job Careers on DBMS?

Volume of data is becoming a important factor to measure the property and goodwill rather than cash or physical infrastructure. In the current age of globalization, volume of qualitative data is becoming a factor measuring the strength, success and the property of a person or firm rather than how much do they earn or save. So, obviously, data management and processing related Jobs are in high demand. Referring the ( ....Read More
Who is front-end developer? Front-end developer is the web developer who mostly engaged in designing, analyzing and debugging application along with ensuring a seamless user experience. Frontend developers are responsible for implementing interactive and visual elements that users engage with through their web browser when using a web application. Front-end developers are also known as Front-End Web Developer, Client End Developer, Front-End Engineer, Front-End Coder and Front-End Software E ....Read More

How to become Internet of Things (IoT) Developer?

How to become Internet of Things (IoT) Developer? Internet of Things (IoT) is a device which is connected to internet wirelessly and can receive data & send data wirelessly. In this modern world people are relying in IoTs so it is getting popular day by day. IoTs are used in various field like Industrial purpose, Construction, Mining’s, Healthcare, Farming, Supply Chain management, etc. It is estimated that there will be more than 20 billion devices will be used by 2020. If you w ....Read More