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Volume of data is becoming a important factor to measure the property and good will rather than cash or physical infrastructure. In the current age of globalization, volume of qualitative data is becoming a factor measuring the strength, success and the property of a person or firm rather than how much do they earn or save. So, obviously, data management and processing related Jobs are in high demand. Referring the ( ....Read More
Who is front-end developer? Front-end developer is the web developer who mostly engaged in designing, analyzing and debugging application along with ensuring a seamless user experience. Frontend developers are responsible for implementing interactive and visual elements that users engage with through their web browser when using a web application. Front-end developers are also known as Front-End Web Developer, Client End Developer, Front-End Engineer, Front-End Coder and Front-End Software E ....Read More
How to become Internet of Things (IoT) Developer? Internet of Things (IoT) is a device which is connected to internet wirelessly and can receive data & send data wirelessly. In this modern world people are relying in IoTs so it is getting popular day by day. IoTs are used in various field like Industrial purpose, Construction, Mining’s, Healthcare, Farming, Supply Chain management, etc. It is estimated that there will be more than 20 billion devices will be used by 2020. If you w ....Read More

How to become a Block Chain Developer?

Introduction: Before being a blockchain developer we should know the concept of BlockChain. Blockchain was invented in 1991 by Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornetta. Blockchain is a growing list of record or data which are used to store digital timestamp data link through cryptographic hash value. The BlockChain contains three things: Data, Current Hash and Previous Hash. In a blockchain, we can't modify the data because when we add data in a blockchain, it will generate current hash value ....Read More
Design is the idea or specification or concept for the creation or formation of an activity, process or product/services which redefines the concept in a better way. Designers are the ones who develop the system user-friendly, attractive looking, creative, usable, clear and overall the best way to use the system. Here, we will be focusing on web designing mainly UX design, UI design, and Front End developer. Web design is designing the website for desktop, mobile, tablets or other devices for ....Read More

How to be JavaScript developer?

Angular | node.js | React| Backbone| Meteor|Vue.js How to be JavaScript developer? JavaScript is becoming dominating all other programming languages. To be told truth it’s not easy to become developer, especially JavaScript developer. If you have decided to become JavaScript developer than be ready to know about various frameworks, tools that are based on JavaScript. At first, you must have good knowledge in following: JavaScript ECMAScript(ES) You must learn about various J ....Read More

How to become .NET Developer?

Why to choose career in C# (.NET core)? To pick career in any area is not easy thing, but you need to pick area like web Development, Game Development, Desktop application development, Mobile app Development or AI Development. And again it’s not easy to choose a language. There are many language like JAVA, C#, Python, etc. but among all the most versatile languages are JAVA and C#. Now, if it was before 4 or 5 years ago java was the best language around but not today. C# is so much i ....Read More
What is bitcoin? Bitcoin is digital Crypto currency which is purely peer-to-peer version of electronic cash. Bitcoin is decentralized currency (there is no middle man/financial institute between two parties). It is digital currency it actually doesn’t exist. It’s only electronic. Bitcoin aren’t printed like rupees, euro, dollars have been produce by computers all around the world, using free software. Origin of Bitcoin Bitcoin was introduced after the financial crise ....Read More
History of BlockChain The concept BlockChain invented in 20th(1991) century by the researcher Stuart Haber and W. Scott Stornettabut this concept of blockchain was faded as time went on. In 1992 they upgraded their system incorporation Merkle Tree. In 2008 BlockChain history started in an application and was implemented in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto. By using the concept of blockchain he introduced BitCoin which is digital currency or cryptocurrency. What is BlockChain? Blockchain is peer to ....Read More

Cryptocurrency: Concept and Application of Ethereum

Basic concept of Ethereum:- Open-source cross-platform for development of Decentralized application Cryptocurrency: Ether token Smart Contract functionality Blockchain technology Includes not only money relating transactions but also open financial content, property details, details sharing, storing various valuable data, etc. Built on open-access infrastructure, neutral and controlled by no company or person. To understand about Ethereum, Firstly, It is necessary to know about Cry ....Read More