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2020 Social Media Image Sizes Cheat Sheet

The visual part of your brand is often the first thing your audience sees so it important that your social media branding looks excellent. The only problem is you can’t just use the same image across all of your social media networks and social media platforms are always hanging the image sizes and formats. It can be a full-time job to keep up-to-date with the latest social media image size information. That’s why it is important to have a social media strategy and digital marketi ....Read More
More than 800 million of people of the entire world are using social media websites, which clearly influence the society. But what about us? Here we are discussing different ways that social media can change our psychology. 1. SOcial Media’s LIKE A DRUG I Can’t log off? Astonishingly, 5-10% of us (Internet users) cannot control how much time we spend on internet surfing. It is an addiction, as contrasting to a material addiction, our brain scans of these people actually show a ....Read More

Social Media 2019 and its pros and cons

Prior social media was used as a platform to connect people i.e. as a means of communication. SixDegree was the first social media site lasted from 1997 to 2001 which allowed users to create profile and list friends, family members and acquaintances both on the site and externally. Modern days Social media are designed based upon this site. In this modern era of Social Media, the definition of Social Media has been changed from just as a platform of communication to a platform of sharing conte ....Read More

Some Forms and Signs of Cyberbullying

Prevention is better than cure! In today’s society, there are several ways in which people are being victimized by bullying and cyberbullying is one of them. Cyberbullying can be referred to as an aggressive act or behavior by using technology or electronic means against a certain group or an individual repeatedly and over time. Cyberbullying occurs not only on online in social media platform, but in home or school and any place where technology is assessable such as SMS, Text, gaming w ....Read More

Benefits of Using Hashtag (#) on Social Media

Social media has brought new forms of communicating and interacting with people. One of the most unique tools available on social media channels is the hashtag (#). The use of hashtag entered in our lives in 2007, when Twitter employee Chris Messian sent the first ever tweet containing a hashtag. Now hashtag has become popular and spread among other social media platform too such as Facebook, Instagram, Google+. Hashtags are an innovative way for people to search for topics on social channels ....Read More

Five Common Social Media Marketing Mistakes

Looking at a business perspective, Social Media Marketing has offered a large variety of new opportunities for companies to promote their brand, products, and services. But we often hear that social media marketing doesn’t work or it’s all fake etc. Actually, that is not true. Social media marketing does help to grow your business and reach your goals. If you want to use social media marketing effectively then you need to identify the areas where your campaign fell short. In toda ....Read More

Five Tips to Strengthen Your Social Media Marketing

Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. have modified the way some businesses think about marketing and have become a new way of marketing tools to interact with their customer. It is very important to any company and business to focus on social media marketing in the digital era because social media channels can be the best, fastest and even the only channel for a business to largely connect with the target customers, many of them who might be located in different parts o ....Read More
ATM stands for Automated Teller Machine. Because of its feature that you can withdraw your money anytime you want from anywhere you want, people also call it Any Time Money. Withdrawing money is generally an easy process. But, if you have never used ATM card before, then the step-by-step guidance to help you withdraw your money is shown below: 1. Make sure that you have an active bank account and enough balance: Always ensure that you have a functioning bank account and make sure that the amou ....Read More
The different types of social media are nowadays used by many different kinds of organizations, in many different fields. Politics are no exception. The growing use of social media has vital implications for the political process in most countries around the world. Social media has increasingly been embraced by politicians, activists, and social movements as a new way to communicate and reach citizens that they could not interact with. Using social media can be very beneficial for political l ....Read More

How Does Social Media Bring People Together?

We are living in an ear of technology. Technology has changed everything including our communication system and our lifestyle. It is now rapidly growing in the field of information and communication. As a result, hundreds of communication tools are being developed every year that help to reduce the communication gap between people. Social media has become one of the most essential parts of communication. There is no doubt that social media is bringing people together. Even though there are a ....Read More