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Entrepreneurs as an individual who attempts to predict and act upon change within markets. An entrepreneur unites capital, labor, and land to produce products or services through the formation of a firm. An entrepreneur is a person who starts the business from scratch. An entrepreneur is “a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.” – Oxford Dictionaries Definition Creator and Visionary Risk- bearer, Innovator, Motivator, ....Read More
What is human brain mapping? Brain Mapping is set of neuroscience technique that aims to relate the brain’s structure to its function by a process of stimulating different areas of the brain and monitoring any change in behavior. It is a technique that used to show parts of the brain and how they would work together. The human brain is a knot of 100 billion of neurons and support cell where we can store a lifetime of memory there. Brain mapping attempts to relate the brain’s struct ....Read More
From a very early stage, People started trading. Business is the activity of trading product and services within a country or outside a country. Due to business, We are using the product and services of a different country. In the context of globalization, People are connected through technology. Technology and business became two sides of a coin. Technology made the business easier to promote their product and services in the global market. Before using technology in business, the business h ....Read More
Enigma – Data Privacy with Decentralized Computing | Blockchain History of Enigma Machine German Engineer Arthur Scherbius invented Enigma at the end of World War I. Enigma machine was used in early-mid 20th century for secure commercial, military and diplomatic communication. It was mostly used by Nazi Germany in World War II, each of the military branches had a machine for encrypting and decrypting the encrypted messages. Electromechanical rotor mechanism was used for scramming ....Read More
Prior social media was used as a platform to connect people i.e. as a means of communication. SixDegree was the first social media site lasted from 1997 to 2001 which allowed users to create profile and list friends, family members and acquaintances both on the site and externally. Modern days Social media are designed based upon this site. In this modern era of Social Media, the definition of Social Media has been changed from just as a platform of communication to a platform of sharing conte ....Read More

Essential Linux Command for Beginners

Essential Linux Command for Beginners Few essential things you should know before using linux: when you are asked to enter password in command prompt, it will not show anythings like **** or ●●●●. So don’t panic just type password and enter the password. Linux command are case sensitive you have to write upper case if it is in uppercase and like wise in lowercase. Never ever use command rm -rf/ ,this will delete all directories and data on it . Here rm means remove , -r ....Read More
What is Hamro Patro? Hamro Patro is the first Nepali calendar app, on Apple’s iOS which was launched in 2010. Hamro patro helps to keep the track of important events, festivals, and rituals. It was initially developed as a calendar app which has been grown now into a platform that unites Nepali community. This app has made the customers forgettable to look calendar. Hamro patro is the most downloaded Nepali app in Nepal which crosses more than 5 million and with rating 4.6. This app n ....Read More
Today, everything comes in the area of technology. Technology binds people together no matters how far they are. We are busy in our own schedule of life. So, we want that which is fast and accessible wherever we want. Nepal is rich in a different culture, value and rituals. In the context of Nepal Especially, in festival and ceremony are the reason to meet families, relatives and friends. At Greeting and warm wishes are given to each other. For that we all need is calendar i.e. Nepali Patro. ....Read More
Authentication refers to giving access to the specific system. It gives security from unwanted people from accessing data or site. ASP.NET core | SQL Stored Procedure | SQL SERVER | Encryption and Decryption | Authentication and Authorization Authorization refers to limiting the access of the system to the user according to their roles. There are different roles in an organization and we can provide access to the resources according to their position or role in the organization. There are ....Read More
Every time when I complete my new Database design, I always ask a questioned my self “is this right Database Design?”. My simple logic is to follow the basic; “There is nothing that is truly right or wrong and that what we think of as right or wrong is really just determined by our requirement and the logic We use to handle our database”. Here are some basics that is necessary to remember while designing New Database. What is a functional dependency? Functional de ....Read More