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Sparrow SMS is a Bulk SMS and SMS Marketing service to help businesses acquire and engage customers. A leading VAS provider in Nepal, Sparrow SMS was Initiated by Janaki Technology Pvt. Let’s start First, you need to create an account They send the information about login details Login with your account. They provide information your login details. Just like below. We need to talk with them to verify our account. They provide us demo with 10 message. They will provide informati ......Read More

C# 8.0 most awaited Features

One of the most loved and popular programming language of the present time. With the new arrival of C# coming nearer and nearer we all are pretty much excited about the major release of C# Version 8. C# has been around for three decades and it is expected to release it’s latest version in 2019 and everyone is curious about the new features that it will carry. Looking back at the history, every new release of C# has coupled up with new version of Visual Studio and .Net runtime. With ......Read More
Microsoft's sunsetting of its exclusive proprietary Windows-centric .NET Framework continues as the company has open sourced some of its most popular desktop components: Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), Windows Forms and Windows UI XAML Library (WinUI). One of the major updates of ASP.NET Core 3 is to include support for building windows desktop application using Windows Forms, Windows Presentation Foundation (called WPF) and Windows UI XAML Library (WinUI). It enables us to add cli ......Read More

Purpose Of Configure Method in Asp.Net core

In Http request pipeline, Configure method defines the middleware. Middlewares are the software components that are combined into an applicaiton pipeline to manage request and response. For Example: public void Configure(IApplicationBuilder app, IHostingEnvironment env, ILoggerFactory loggerFactory) { loggerFactory.AddConsole(Configuration.GetSection("Logging")); loggerFactory.AddDebug(); app.UseApplicationInsightsRequestTelemetry(); if (env.IsDevelopment()) { app.UseDeveloperExcepti ......Read More

Purpose Of Configureservices in Core?

ConfigureServices defines the services used by the application like ASP.NET MVC Core framework, Entity Framework Core, CORS, Logging, MemoryCaching etc. E.g. public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services) { // Add framework services. services.AddApplicationInsightsTelemetry(Configuration); services.AddMvc(); } Also Read: Purpose Of Configure Method in Asp.Net core Cookie in ASP.NET Core How to use Exception filters in ASP.NET Core MVC? ......Read More

Convert Byte Array to Int in C#

In .NET Framework, BitConverter Class helps us to convert base Datatypes to an array of bytes and vice-versa. GetBytes Method that takes an integer, double or other base type value is static overloaded method of BitConverter class which converts that to an array of bytes. To reverse this conversion BitConverter also has other static methods. For Example: ToDouble, ToChart, ToBoolean, ToInt16, ToSingle. Code snippet below converts different integer values to a byte array and vice-vers ......Read More

Creating a Login Session in ASP .NET Core

What is Session? A Session starts when a user logs into a website and ends when the user logs out of any site in the internet. Session temporarily stores the user information with a unique ID while the user is connected. Session is a ASP. NET feature for storage of user data while the user browse through the website. A session cookie is used by website to store user information which is retrieved the next time user logs in to the system. But, on the other hand session variables are only ......Read More
It is the error that occur when developing a new web application. It occurs due to mistake that occur during coding.It is mainly faced by new developers. It is difficult to understand for a beginner. This error description gives message that an object that is being called to get or set its value has no reference. It means that we are trying to access an object that was not initilized. This error occurs when an null(empty) value is passed. On passing null value during run time, an exception ......Read More
Anonymous method is a method which is introduced in C# from 3.0 and higher version. This method uses delegate keyword to pass a block of code. By using this methods, we can reduce the coding overhead in instantiating delegates because we do not have to create a separate method. Creating anonymous methods is a way to pass a code block as a delegate parameter. An anonymous method is an inline method . It does not have a name. Syntax for Anonymous method is given below: // Create a deleg ......Read More