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Evolution of Email

Nature is Change, and change is Nature. Similarly, everything that evolve must extinct, because the better always replace the good. And the same thing applies to the email as this is question to future of it. Or it will just be the process alert and notification? Since the first email Program “MAILBOX” was introduced all the way back in 1965 to the ARPANET, it has been much more evolved as electronic mail. Around 1980’s Internet Service Provider (ISPs) has begun connecting the ....Read More

How to choose which services to use in Azure? 

Hey everybody, today let's look upon how one picks one's azure services. There are a lot of services out there and it’s a little complicated don’t you think. Azure is huge, now like over 125 services or something, and it's very difficult to choose the right ones. Here I have some points that will help you to choose the right services. Here I am going to discuss about how you choose services in order to run your application in azure, and also for storing your valuable da ....Read More
Azure Service Fabric Mesh is a serverless platform that enables you to build, deploy, and operate mission-critical applications without having to own or manage you own infrastructure. Modernizing applications includes migrating apps to a cloud-based infrastructure while optimizing for agility and scaling. Running code in containers allows developers to move to the cloud with minimal code changes while using languages and frameworks that they are familiar with. Mesh provides built-in solution ....Read More
Microsoft Azure, offers many cloud services among them Azure Function and Logic App, as a cloud user, we should know when to use Azure Function and Logic App. A good thing is both looks similar in the first view so I thought just post a small post so that it's easy to understand quickly. Though the details of all services are available on so for more details and how to create them please visit but the below point will just provide you wi ....Read More
Also Read This: How does Microsoft Azure Works? In the previous article we discussed about Azure as a collection of servers, networking hardware, and orchestration services. These orchestration services make it easy to create, read, update and delete resources as needed. However, unrestricted access can lead to the rapid creation of resources that are improperly configured, or lacks business alignments. This can result in inefficient cloud resource usage, security issues along with excess co ....Read More

How does Microsoft Azure Works?

Microsoft Azure is a private and public cloud platform. You may be familiar with the Azure Services, the developers and the IT professionals use to build, deploy and manage the applications. But How does it work? Azure uses a technology known as virtualization. Virtualization separates the tight coupling between a computer’s CPU and its operating system using an abstraction layer called a Hypervisor. The Hypervisor emulates all the function of a real computer and its CPU in a virtual mac ....Read More

What is Azure Stack? Azure Stack- Enabling the Hybrid cloud.

To really answer this question (" What is Azure Stack? ") effectively, what we may need to do Is take a step back and look at some of the challenges that organizations are facing in adopting cloud computing today. Today many organizations are looking at tapping into public cloud for instant capacity on demand as well as rich automation that the most public clouds provide. sometimes these organizations turn and look at their on-premises environment and realize that perhaps what they have "isn&rsq ....Read More

Five Azure services every developer should know

Hey Everyone, Today I am going to write about five azure services every developer needs to know. The goal of this article is if you are looking to get started with Azure, I want to make sure that you get a really crystal-clear view on where you should look to start with azure. At first, I am going to explain about two different pieces of terminology those are: Hosting and Service. Let’s define our terminology at first. Hosting: We have defined hosting as an any place in azure that You ....Read More

Microsoft Azure

It is a platform as a service (PaaS) solution for developing and hosting solutions using Microsoft’s products and in their data centers. It is complete cloud products that allow users to create enterprise-level applications without having to build out their own infrastructure. The Azure Service Platform is set to three cloud-centric outcomes: Windows Azure, SQL Azure, and Azure App Fabric controller. These are the wing of the application hosting infrastructure tools. The Azure Service Pl ....Read More