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How to Use Google My Business to Grow Business?

When people are talking about your business guess what they are going to do before they contact you? Of course, they are going to Google you right? Similar to the other tools in Google’s library, Google My Business (GMB) is the free perfect marketing tool for local businesses with limited resources. GMB allows you to get your business listing in Google. So, when people search for your business, your business listing appears on Google search and Maps. Google My Business gives you the tool ....Read More

Growing use of Internet leading business in Nepal

We can see business in Nepal is rapidly growing in the past two/three years. Everyone wants to start their own business. But have you ever wondered how this is happening? Nowadays we can see many youths are getting involved in business and also achieving great success. The reason behind this is a business can present itself to customers with the use of a website or online advertisements and marketing. The Internet is providing the great opportunity for business and it is the easiest way for ....Read More

How to use Structured Data Testing Tool (SDTT)?

As we know structured data helps Google to better understand the content of your site and can rank & make the rich snippet of content display on the search results page. But do you know about the Structured Data Testing Tool? The Structured Data Testing Tool is a free tool provided by Google. It helps you to validate your code, test and modify your structured markup. Guidelines for testing the structured data Step 1: Go to Step ....Read More
How social media can help to get good website traffic?? Have you ever thought about to get more traffic to your site with the help of social media? Social media is an incredible source to increase traffic on your site. One of the best things about social media is you can build a relationship with your audience, that you get lots of different results more fans and followers, get more social media engagement, you will reach a wider audience and you will be able to get good traffic on your site. ....Read More

How to Use Bing Webmaster Tools for SEO?

We all know about Google webmaster tools but how many of us know about Bing webmaster tools? Bing Webmaster Tools is a non-charge service by Microsoft which allows webmasters to submit their website and get a SEO report and related information of their site. There are many advantages of having webmaster account on Bing. With Bing webmaster tools you can get more traffic on your site. Just like in Google webmaster tools you have to create your account in Bing webmaster tools. To do so, you c ....Read More

How to use Google webmaster tools for SEO?

Google webmaster tools is a free web service by Google for webmasters. It is also refer to as the Google search console. With Google webmaster tools you can make sure that how Google interacts with your website. Also, webmaster regularly checks your site and display the errors that Google founds when reading your site even sends an email alert if it finds any important issues. It is an absolute requirement for anyone that currently has a website. Because it lets you know where you stand in ....Read More
Have you ever wondered your site ranking high on search engines? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of ranking your site high on search engines on the free part. If your site rank high on the free search it like high return on investment. Which means you may have invested some time and money to get there but once you get there you actually get lots of clicks and being there you don’t have to pay any search engines for every single clicks. You get more targeted traffic. If you ....Read More