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The rise of conversational AI has been a game-changer for businesses and individuals alike. From chatbots that answer customer queries to virtual assistants that schedule appointments, conversational AI has made it easier to communicate and get things done. One of the most exciting developments in conversational AI is ChatGPT. Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is a language model based on the GPT-3.5 architecture that can understand and generate human-like responses to text inputs. So, what sets ....Read More
After many minor versions of ML.NET now we have great Machine Learning & AI development framework ML.NET 1.0 i.e. "An open source and cross-platform machine learning framework" As per Microsoft ML.NET 1.0 framework has great value for Developers, which helps us to start using AI/ML in .NET with our existing knowledge of C# and F#. Built for .NET developers Create custom ML models using C# or F# without having to leave the .NET ecosystem. ML.NET lets us re-use all the knowledge ....Read More

Data Visualization Vs Data Analytics

Many of our learners have had decent confusions regarding data visualization and data analytics to be as a similar factor in the data world, which happens to be entirely false. Data visualization and Data analytics are completely different scenarios although many think them to be as same. Let me try simplifying it for you all. If you study about the data of students present in the class since past two years and form a pattern in a pictorial form then that is data visualization but when you use ....Read More
We’re all getting a buzz about Data Science and Analytics these days. It has ended up being like a hip, you know. Starting with frequently used terms that are being a part of the corporate world; Business Analytics, Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Data science. And if you are looking for a shift in your career, you have to come across these terms. Very Often. It's not important for us to get into a debate as to how these vary but for a starter there is a good overlap So, th ....Read More
You must have heard a lot about data science from many people stating that it's the hottest job of the 21st century or there's a huge demand for data scientists in various industries, right? But we can bet that no one would have told you the things about data science which we are going to discuss in this Article! So here We will provide you guys some of the things that you really don't know about data science. So, let's explore it. First to become a data scientist you don&# ....Read More
The social media giant Facebook has become a platform to post and share different contents. With the freedom comes the exploitation of that freedom creating various inappropriate activities. So, Facebook and other social media sites have always struggled to monitor, identify and eliminate such inappropriate posts that user uploads through their account. The inappropriate contents can range from violent threats, vulgar images to inappropriate remarks. Due to such conditions Facebook has faced ....Read More


We're very excited to have you join us to help you learn about the essentials and the starting steps of becoming a data scientist or let’s call it as the first very phase of turning yourselves into a data analyst. First of all, every one of us must know what actually data science is and what exactly does a data scientist do. Data science is often a confusing field which involves dozens of distinctive skills that define the profession as a constant struggle. In this 21st century of the ....Read More
AutoDraw: Are you good at doodling on a screen with a mouse or with your index finger ?? Many of you will probably find it difficult to doodle be it in MS- Paint or any other application. Even if you can do a decent drawing with a pen and a paper, doing the same on a digital device is pretty difficult. Then, there’s a great program called AutoDraw that uses Machine Learning tool to try, guess and recommend the object that you are drawing as you draw it. So, you can just doodle what y ....Read More

What is Sketch 2 Code ?

Sketch 2 Code: Sketch 2 Code as the name refers to is the new Microsoft AI (Artificial Intelligence) project that converts the design from the paper into a html code. The good news is that It’s absolutely free and works really well. Gone are the days of scripting a long line of codes for designing your website. Now, with this new Microsoft approach, you can well: just scrap a design on a paper and post the picture of the design on the site and boom, your code with the exact design is r ....Read More
ML.NET (Machine Learning for .NET) is an Open Source and Cross Platform Framework (Windows, Linux, macOS) which makes machine learning accessible for .NET developers. ML.NET allows us to build machine learning models to get scenarios like sentiment analysis, fraud detection, forecasting, issue classification, image classification, recommendations & many more. We have a new announcement for ML.NET 0.8 on December 4, 2018, and ML.NET 0.8 is an improved version of ML.NET 0.7. One great feat ....Read More