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ML.NET (Machine Learning for .NET) is an Open Source and Cross Platform Framework (Windows, Linux, macOS) which makes machine learning accessible for .NET developers. ML.NET allows us to build machine learning models to get scenarios like sentiment analysis, fraud detection, forecasting, issue classification, image classification, recommendations & many more. We have a new announcement for ML.NET 0.8 on December 4, 2018, and ML.NET 0.8 is an improved version of ML.NET 0.7. One great feat ......Read More
What is a Data Scientist? Data scientist today are who have a blend of many skills. Venn diagram below shows that the definition of Data Scientist. A Data Scientist is someone who knows Statistics and mathematics, which allow them to identify interesting insights in a sea of data. They also have knowledge of programming skills to implement Statistical models and get data from a variety of different sources. Furthermore, a Data Scientist who knows how to ask the right questions into a sound a ......Read More
What is machine learning? Machine learning gives computers the ability to learn without being explicitly programmed. Machine learning is done where designing and programming explicit algorithms cannot be done. Examples include spam filtering, detection of network intruders or malicious insiders working towards a data breach, optical character recognition (OCR), search engines and computer vision. Why is machine learning? The iterative aspect of machine learning is important because as models ......Read More
As business is moving digitally and everyone wants a software to automate it. So just having a software which only shows a report and analytics is not enough. So to get more value in automated software, now there is a need of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). A best businesses software must understand the sentiment of their customers like "What people are saying, how they are saying it and what they mean.". So what is Sentiment Analysis? A computer, which has no concept ......Read More
Just as electricity transformed the way industries functioned in the past century, artificial intelligence — the science of programming cognitive abilities into machines — has the power to substantially change society in the next 100 years. AI is being harnessed to enable such things as home robots, robo-taxis and mental health chatbots to make you feel better. A startup is developing robots with AI that brings them closer to human level intelligence. Already, AI has been embedding ......Read More