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Most of the beginner might get confused in these terms. All these terms are usually used for giving style to our site. This styling helps us design our application as per our need and requirement. CSS refers to Cascade Style Sheet whereas, SASS and SCSS are the preprocessors of CSS. The easiest way to determine the difference between them can be shown in the example below: CSS: - .css extension is used Example: .content { Border-color: #23jdh3; } .border { Padding: 8px; Border-color: 23 ......Read More
Facebook changes there the API connection method. After having a security issue on Facebook Developer platform and increase the security of their developer platform and the sites that connect to it. When you try to get the token for "pages_manage_instant_articles" Invalid Scopes: pages_manage_instant_articles. This message is only shown to developers. Users of your app will ignore these permissions if present. Please read the documentation for valid permissions at https://developers.facebook. ......Read More